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Les aventures de la Toussaint.

I spent the last week with Mom, roaming all over Paris and eastern France, helping to explain my lack of updates on here. Good food, great wine and a sustained opportunity to speak English were a boon to my spirits … Continue reading

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Foggy morning, sunny day.

The sun has finally come out, turning the morning frost to a slow-rising cloud of fog. I missed the good stuff by about a minute, but I managed to snap a few shots while some vapor still lingered. We had … Continue reading

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France runs out of gas.

France is running out of gas. The two stations nearest me in my town have both put up signs like these (above) after a huge rush to fill up on Friday night killed supplies. The BBC also reports that Charles … Continue reading

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“Strike it up.” Day two.

Strikes move into their second day in France, after a record setting 1.2-3.5 million people took to the streets yesterday in protest of Nicolas Sarkozy’s controversial retirement reform legislation. From high school teens to aging service workers and educators, the … Continue reading

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Man, I miss a good dryer.

About once a week, my bathroom becomes a clothesline. If you happen to be the proud owner of a dryer, count your stars. I can’t take a shower until all this junk dries (load 2 of 2). More photos of … Continue reading

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“Clap your hands (if you’re workin’ too hard)”: la grève en France.

The Republic slows to an economic standstill today as hundreds of thousands of workers — Le Monde puts the figure at 230,000 in Paris alone — turn out for another of a series of strikes aimed at President Sarkozy’s controversial … Continue reading

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#1 concert priority in France.

This is Birdy Nam Nam, winning the DMC Technics 2002 World TEAM Championships. Bow down. Too bad their only marked tour date, so far, is in Bordeaux, and way too far from me. Many, many thanks to Colin, who first … Continue reading

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