Biarritz is a small coastal town in the south-westernmost part of France, on the Atalantic. It is known as the town where surfing first made its debut in Europe, and the crunchy-tasty-wave-riding culture is still alive and vibrant today. Quiksilver has a strong presence in the town, with corporate offices and a surf school, one of the first on the continent.

Jean, my high school exchange student from ages past, and I had the opportunity to spend the majority of our Christmas holiday in Biarritz. The experience was marked by the development of an almost uncomfortable relationship with many of the local bartenders, most of whom are expats themselves. Jean, who has spent a considerable amount of time in Biarritz, was more than capable of showing me the best that the town has to offer. Kudos to him for playing such an excellent host.

I managed to find a tripod in the process, so most of these shots are at night, when I was learning to fiddle with longer exposure times and aperture sizes. Clicking on photos will give you access to the full-size originals. You can still click through to photos if they are “unavailable.” This is flickr’s fault and is not easy to fix. I assure you, they still exist.

En route to Paris, then Biarritz. Gare Châlons-en-Champagne.


Christmas was drowning in good wine. This 1980 Bordeaux blew my face off.

Jean fancies himself a modern Scarface.

Chocolate cake from Heaven.

The town was filled with lights for the Holidays/New Year. Here, Église Sainte Eugénie is covered with a semi-psychedelic projection.

The story of the church and the Nativity were also included.

My dream beach-fortress.

La Grande Plage. Kids were still surfing during the day, despite the chilly, autumn-esque weather.

The palais. Built originally for some royal types, now a high-end hotel.

The hill leading down to the beach.

The casino was also lit with some semi-psychedelic projections.

A park in the center of town brought in some rare electroluminescent flora.



The heady garden.

From atop a statue on the opposite side of the glowy garden.

City streets, decked out.

A bar/nightclub. I spent some time toying with longer exposures in here. The lights were constantly changing color.

Middle-school social activism.

The homeplace.

Happy New Year to all! As usual, you can find many more of my photos on flickr.


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I love Virginia, France, the planet and its people. I don't believe that GDP and Happiness are, at all, mutually dependent.
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