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I can’t wait (for the weekend to begin)…

…so that I can start cleaning this disaster of an apartment and finish my graduate school applications. Advertisements

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Foggy morning, sunny day.

The sun has finally come out, turning the morning frost to a slow-rising cloud of fog. I missed the good stuff by about a minute, but I managed to snap a few shots while some vapor still lingered. We had … Continue reading

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France runs out of gas.

France is running out of gas. The two stations nearest me in my town have both put up signs like these (above) after a huge rush to fill up on Friday night killed supplies. The BBC also reports that Charles … Continue reading

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Man, I miss a good dryer.

About once a week, my bathroom becomes a clothesline. If you happen to be the proud owner of a dryer, count your stars. I can’t take a shower until all this junk dries (load 2 of 2). More photos of … Continue reading

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Journée sous le soleil.

Finally, a day to explore! Pommier chez moi. The path next to my flat. Artsy. You’ve got mail (pas de pub, svp.)! Vive la CGT ! Old stuff. Trapped. One of two hotels that I’ve seen so far. So far, … Continue reading

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Soleil, more photos.

Sunshine! I swear, I saw it! The way from the supermarket. I want to know what goes on in this building. The ubiquitous cloud cover. More photos to come as I continue to test the moisture-resistant properties of my camera.

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The rain has its upside.

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